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I wanted to share that Scott and I met on this website, oh a little over 4 years ago! I am not sure what our user names were, Scott was the only profile I really read, but within a month I was flying from Missouri to Utah to meet him, when we met it was like we had known each other forever!! When all you have is communication it really helps a couple bond. We knew we loved each other so quickly and a couple months later me and my two kids moved to Utah, the following year we were married in a little one room cabin and now have a beautiful daughter that makes our little family feel perfect!!

Advice to other members:

Um country people are great and you have to be open…I looked first of singles in my state, and then nationwide, within five min of being on this sight I had found my husband and father to my children!

Do you want to like them?? So what are you wait for? Come and Join With us to Contact Thousands of Members. –

About horse121913

Feel free here to talk about horse and equestrian life, and then want to make new friends and share same passions with person as I like. My Personal Website :
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